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". Madam President, the issue of nuclear energy is perhaps one of the most divisive issues between the citizens of Europe and the Member States, and today’s debate has also broadly touched upon that. However, if we look at the Euratom Treaty objectively, which the report does, then we will see that it provided for many important things. Firstly, everybody believed 50 years ago that nuclear energy provided such cheap energy that there would be no need even to measure it. The Euratom Treaty provided the framework and support for research that definitely developed safeguards, safety and the treatment of nuclear waste. The Euratom Treaty also gave grounds for non-proliferation. Nowhere in the world is the system of safeguards as strong as in the European Union, and that is because of the Euratom Treaty. If we look to the future, we know that nuclear power stations will be built, including in the European Union. The issues we have had with Temelín will not be unique, and we really need to work towards greater consensus on what we would like to achieve with nuclear energy in the European Union. In this connection, the Honourable Member Mr Hudacký mentioned the Nuclear Forum. That is an important element in trying to build consensus in this very important area, particularly in terms of global challenges. I meet a lot of representatives not only of Member States but also of third countries who are very keen to start using nuclear energy, at the same time not only using their energy for the final stage but also having the whole cycles. I believe if the European Union does not take a strong position on addressing all the issues related to the nuclear cycle, the world will be a much more dangerous place. Therefore, I think the report really provides good grounds for reflecting and answering the challenges that lie ahead of us. I thank the rapporteur for a very balanced approach and the many suggestions on how we should move forward – but it will not be easy."@en1

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