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"Madam President, we must not demonise nuclear fission energy, but neither must we extol it as if it were the answer to all our problems. It has its advantages and its problems. The main problem is the treatment of waste, although nobody denies that, by promoting the areas of research under way, a viable technological solution to this issue could be found in the future, just as in the field of fossil fuels progress is being made on obtaining clean forms of combustion and also on CO2 capture technologies. Today, however, we are evaluating the Euratom Treaty, 50 years on, and its future viability. In this regard, I would like to point out that I am one of those who, as a whole, take a positive view of the Euratom Treaty’s 50 years in force. But I also believe that the time has come to review it, to correct some aspects of it, such as the decision-making procedures, in order to make them more viable and democratic. Unanimity in the Council is not viable in a Europe of 27 Member States and, furthermore, I agree with those who have said that the Treaty needs to be opened up to the codecision procedure in order to correct its democratic deficit."@en1

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