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"Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power are universally well-known, but opinions on the subject differ all the same, and so it is among decision-making authorities at national level. Euratom’s perhaps most important achievement is the expansion of cooperation. Back when the Treaty was signed people were working separately. There are different opinions on this issue in my group, as my colleague, Mr Swoboda, said, but we try to avoid highly ideological contentions in this connection. We highlight the importance of safety, research, health and safety at work and waste management, but we obviously need to employ the codecision procedure with regard to the Treaty, as the Commissioner just said, and a Euratom conference of this sort would also be appropriate. The day before yesterday some of the members of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy here present and I visited a fusion power plant in Germany, and there researchers claimed that in approximately 14 to 15 years’ time they will be able to build a power station producing fusion energy, based on which they could build a viable fusion power plant on an industrial scale. I at least was astonished at the speed at which research is progressing these days, if the plan is realised in the way these researchers said it would be. The final word on nuclear power has not been spoken yet. There will be further developments on it today and just next door."@en1

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