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"Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome the fact that the report emphasises the positive influence of nuclear energy in reducing CO2 production. What is alarming, however, is the fact that the agreement on nuclear energy enshrined in the Rome Treaty 50 years ago has disappeared. The discrepancy has gone so far that some Member States do not even uphold the clearly agreed rule that each country has the right to decide whether to use nuclear energy. On Friday Austrian opponents of the Czech nuclear plant at Temelín will block border crossings between the two countries. Once again they will question the safety of Temelín, even though the plant meets all of the standards laid down by the Commission and the International Atomic Energy Agency. They will therefore once again be meddling in the Czech Republic’s nuclear policy in contravention to the Euratom Treaty, while at the same time causing a nuisance. I should like to warn that the Austrian activists are breaking a European agreement, without any substantial grounds for doing so. I feel it is dangerous and counterproductive for nuclear energy to be the subject of political battles within the EU."@en1

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