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"Madam President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, I should first and foremost like to commend the rapporteur on a document that may have a greater significance for the EU’s future than we currently appreciate. The energy situation in the EU is a key issue for the EU’s future. On an issue as sensitive as the use of nuclear energy, which divides the Member States, our Parliament and even my political group, it is difficult but very important to find a sensible path and a common voice in the interests of all the EU Member States. The Euratom Treaty undoubtedly demonstrated the need for such a framework and our next steps, whatever they may be, must not under any circumstances undermine its current structure. I do not think that the Treaty was so undemocratic; every Member State is able to have a say in how we will proceed with regard to nuclear energy. I should like to express my support for the idea of a European nuclear forum as a platform for the practical exchange of views, because we should make it clear in the EU how beneficial nuclear energy could be in resolving complex energy and climate change issues."@en1

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