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". Madam President, the rapporteur has expressed astonishment that the 50th anniversary of the Euratom Treaty is not being celebrated and that it has not been mentioned in the anniversary speeches. The Committee on Constitutional Affairs has considered the reasons for this in great detail. Perhaps we need to be reminded that today the Euratom Treaty actually reads more like a futuristic ode, with expectations of technological salvation that no one shares any more; that half of the Member States are no longer interested in using nuclear energy or wish to stop doing so; that there are huge popular movements campaigning for nuclear energy to be abandoned; that the European consensus on nuclear energy – as declared in 1957 – no longer exists, because modern energy policy focuses on alternative forms of energy; and that the Euratom Treaty is undemocratic to an unacceptable degree. In the light of all of these considerations, the Convention proposed separating off the Euratom Treaty so that it would no longer form part of a European Union constitution. This House – and I was astounded that the rapporteur and the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy did not include this – has explicitly called for a revision conference to be convened with the aim of revising the whole of the Treaty. This House has expressly supported the idea of incorporating the Euratom Treaty into a chapter devoted to energy, and I simply cannot understand why the Committee on Industry, in opposition to the majority of this House, is clinging on to this futuristic ode and these ideological statements."@en1

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