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". Madam President, Mr President-in-Office, Commissioner Verheugen, I too am delighted that we have reached an agreement between the three European Union institutions at the second reading, so that we can vote tomorrow and then have these provisions implemented very quickly. For the Socialist Group in the European Parliament, three points were of particular importance. The first is that we were able to agree in Article 31 to retain a high level of consumer protection in approval procedures for parts or equipment which pose a significant risk to the correct functioning of systems. Secondly, the text that was adopted in the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection by and large clarifies the technical administrative provisions on type approval and extends them at Community level to all motor vehicles including buses and commercial vehicles. If we also implement these provisions we will be able to contribute to a significant improvement in road safety. Thirdly, I should like to highlight in particular the fact that the provisions on adapting vehicles to the specific needs of people with disabilities have – thanks in no small measure to the rapporteur – been improved considerably. I am thinking here especially of people in wheelchairs. We have taken a major step forward here and in so doing we are giving the public a positive image of a Europe that puts the concerns of its citizens and the public at the heart of its work."@en1

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