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"Madam President, Mr Vice-President of the Commission, ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow you will be voting on an important new directive on the type approval of cars, lorries, buses and their trailers. We in the German Presidency are delighted that we have been able to reach a prior agreement with the European Parliament on the remaining outstanding issues. We should like to thank you, Mr Harbour, and your colleagues very much for the good and constructive cooperation. This is an important step towards increasing road safety and vehicle safety in the Community and towards making the internal market in motor vehicles a reality. The new directive extends the European type approval, that has hitherto only been foreseen for passenger cars, to lorries, buses and their trailers. Manufacturers of these vehicles will therefore also be able to benefit from the advantages of the European type approval in the future. At the same time, the directive ensures that in the future all new vehicles in the European Union will have to meet the same high safety standards. The new directive will therefore benefit not only the European automotive industry but also the public throughout the Community. We are counting on your support in tomorrow’s vote and we will then adopt the directive at one of our forthcoming Council meetings so that it can enter into force as quickly as possible."@en1

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