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"Madam President, the Swedish Members of the Group of the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats) and European Democrats are opposed to a Packaging Directive. Ideally, we would want to do away with the whole directive. I have made efforts to rescue Swedish milk packages, reduce bureaucracy and prevent a debate on milk snatching. The rapporteur, Mr Toubon, has negotiated, and reached a compromise, with Members of the European Parliament and with the Council. The compromise now looks quite different. Today’s date is 9 May, a day of peace for Europe. The motto is jaw not war, and in that spirit I shall try to do my bit. Negotiations presuppose compromise. Whoever is able to compromise contributes to the development of Europe. It is more difficult to say yes in the right place than to say no. I personally am in favour of Mr Toubon’s compromise, irrespective of whether or not my Swedish fellow Members are. This is my way of celebrating 9 May, that is to say by showing some additional willingness to compromise on the issue of a Packaging Directive, for it is in that way that modern Europe is being built – stone by stone, compromise by compromise. I also want to try to help, so I am agreeing to the proposal and would conclude by saying: My respects, Mr Toubon."@en1

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