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". Madam President, with slightly more time at my disposal I would like to congratulate you on becoming a Vice-President. As a valued colleague of the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection, it is a pleasure to speak with you chairing the sitting here tonight. I would also like to thank Jacques Toubon, who I think has led an outstanding review of this process, as the Commissioner has indicated. I also echo what the Commissioner said about the way that we approached this. I think we were one of the first committees in Parliament to commission an impact assessment on our proposed amendments. Some of the issues raised by that have now been reflected in the amendments which we shall support tomorrow, particularly concerning what I might call the safeguard clauses that the Commission will be observing in order to closely observe the behaviour of the market. Overall we are very much in support of your aims, Commissioner, in wanting to push forward to remove unnecessary legislation, much of which dates back 20 or 30 years, as you indicated. Now that consumers are better informed, we want them to take advantage of that and to have information about pricing. We want to give manufacturers the flexibility to produce products in different sizes that would suit different family sizes. I am bound to say that in my own country – and I suspect in others – it is such a surprise for them to find the Commission producing a deregulatory measure. As you will see from some colourful newspaper stories in my stories in my own country, this directive has been freely misinterpreted as in many cases preventing British consumers from having access to their preferred sizes for products. I think that you as a Commission need to work on the fact that misrepresentation is so easy, because at the moment this is such an unusual proposal. In that context I am very grateful to you and to the Council for giving consumers of pre-packed bread in the United Kingdom – that is over 80% of regular eaters of bread every day – assurances that their traditional sizes of loaf, which they perceived to be under threat from this proposal, are guaranteed and that they will still be able to enjoy and consume every morning with their marmalade toast made in their traditional sizes of pre-packed bread."@en1

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