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"Making it mandatory to equip heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) with blind-spot mirrors is part of the Community transport strategy aimed at increasing the safety of transport for European citizens and first and foremost at protecting our lives. The protection of human life and the safety of transport are fundamental considerations. As a result of inadequate rear-view mirrors more than 400 lives are lost in the Union each year – as my colleague has stated – not to mention the numbers of injured. As a result of this measure several hundred people’s lives could be saved annually, and for this reason we must take action. There are two basic problems that need to be resolved. The first is to achieve 100% visibility. The other is that old and outdated HGVs should be retrofitted with suitable mirrors, or else replaced by new vehicles. This is of fundamental importance to the 12, where a transitional period is needed, because the immediate introduction of the measures required by the directive would impose a heavy financial burden on our hauliers. I consider it important that the scope of the measures intended to prevent accidents resulting from the blind spot on the passenger side of HGVs should be extended to the majority of HGVs. In the interest of success and effectiveness, we need to implement the measures with moderate flexibility within realistic time frames, bearing in mind the technical possibilities and circumstances. We also need to ensure that the potential market-distorting effects of the measures are avoided. Thank you to our committee chair and rapporteur for his work; I am pleased that our amendments have also been accepted."@en1

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