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". Mr President, Commissioner, Mr President-in-Office of the Council, ladies and gentlemen, what we have before us is one of those measures that, modest though they appear, constitute one of the many positive contributions that are made by the European Union every day and that should perhaps be publicised better among Europeans. The debate has been conducted very quickly, I think. Commissioner Barrot pointed out that the proposal in question was forwarded to Parliament and the Council in September 2006, and we shall certainly be in a position to complete the procedure at first reading by as early as tomorrow, in other words very quickly. In fact, we have no time to lose, bearing in mind that rapid implementation would enable us to save at least 400 lives per year. This, moreover, is what Parliament has focused on in an attempt to press for the directive to be implemented and transposed as soon as possible. I think we have achieved a positive outcome. The idea was, in fact, to identify the number of heavy goods vehicles that, in the end, will have to adopt wide-angle mirrors, enabling drivers to see pedestrians and cyclists and so avoid knocking them down. This procedure will be applied to all heavy goods vehicles registered in Europe as from the year 2000, and the problem will be resolved by 31 March 2009. I would point out that it is existing lorries that are to be modernised since, as from 26 January of this year, the legislation already applies to all newly registered HGVs. What we have here, then, is a useful outcome: progress towards the kind of road safety that needs to be guaranteed at European level. It is one of those cases in which I think it can be stated that the principle of subsidiarity is being applied in the opposite direction to normal. The point is, it is much better to have shared legislation at European level than to waste time, and consequently lose lives, devising 27 individual sets of regulations in the various Member States."@en1

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