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". Mr President, Commission Vice-President Barrot, ladies and gentlemen, we are delighted that it has been possible to reach a consensus on an important dossier in the field of road safety – the proposal for a Directive on the retrofitting of trucks with improved wing mirrors – at the preliminary stage. We should like to give Mr Costa, the rapporteur for this dossier, and his colleagues our sincere thanks for their constructive cooperation. The Community has set itself the objective of halving the number of traffic-accident fatalities by 2010 if possible. To bring us closer to meeting this objective, all the appropriate measures must be taken as soon as possible. The fitting of trucks with improved mirrors to tackle the problem of the so-called ‘blind spot’ is an important milestone on the road to enhanced road safety. The deadline of 31 March 2009 for the retrofitting of trucks represents the best-possible compromise between calls for the rapid implementation of the Directive in the interests of road safety, on the one hand, and the concern of some Member States that the deadlines for retrofitting may be too tight on the other. Building on your support in tomorrow’s vote, we intend to adopt the Directive as quickly as possible at one of the next Council meetings."@en1

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