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". The debate on events in Estonia on 9 May, the day of the anti-fascist victory, not only disrespects the memory of the tens of millions of people who sacrificed their lives to crush fascism. It is not merely an effort to falsify and distort history. It is not what is the now familiar anti-communist invective of the servants of capitalist barbarism. It is a conscious policy to support the revival of fascism in the Baltic and other states of Europe with the Group of the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats) and European Democrats, the Socialist Group in the European Parliament, the neo-liberals and the Greens all going along with the far-right group. In a uniform tirade, right-wingers, social democrats, Greens and Le Pen launched a vitriolic anticommunist attack on the Soviet Union and the heroic Red Army. Together they expressed their solidarity with the Estonian Government which, for years now, has been replacing the fascists by condemning communists and anti-fascists. Together they demonstrated what is historical and political record: that fascism is a pure child of capitalism. In this debate it was also expressed formally, thereby revealing the nature of the EU as a union of the interests of capital. Moreover, fascism constitutes the same power as capital, without a parliamentary cloak. We would point out that the more the people doubt, condemn, resist and fight against imperialist barbarity, the more anticommunism will increase. History has proven that those who temporarily appear to be very strong were crushed by the grassroots fight. 9 May 1945 will always be just such a symbolic date."@en1

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