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". Mr President, history has yet to be written with the sole aim of getting close to the truth. Until now, it has been written in an ideological way. Consequently, it constantly omits this essential fact, namely that the wicked alliance between Molotov and Ribbentrop, between Stalin and Hitler, that is, between communism and national socialism, resulted in the violent invasion of Estonia, where the presence of the Red Army took the form of arrests, deportations, arbitrary executions and decades of denial of all civil rights. Today, everyone is in favour of the Baltic countries having their freedom, but when, in October 1987, in the French parliament, Mr Le Pen and the members of the group that he was chairing wanted to exclude the Baltic countries – the annexation of which we felt was illegal because it was achieved by violent means – from the scope of the treaties concluded with Russia, all the other political parties were against. In reality, ladies and gentlemen, the Estonians and the Russians were victims of communism. Admittedly, given the enormous sacrifices subsequently made by the Russian army, the humiliation felt by the Russian minority and, above all, by the former soldiers, is understandable. The great French poet, Baudelaire, once said: the dead, the poor dead, have great sorrows. Let us leave Estonia free to find its own methods of being able to honour those whose sacrifice ultimately has no other legitimate meaning than that of having defended their respective nations – the independence, sovereignty and identity of each of those nations."@en1

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