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". Mr President, I would like to join my colleagues in firstly giving our solidarity and support to the Estonian Government and to the Estonian people, and secondly, in denouncing the bully-boy tactics of the Russian Government in its attempt to create uncertainty and instability, not only within Estonia but in all the Baltic States. In many ways what we are witnessing is a new form of totalitarianism or authoritarianism by the use of mobs in Moscow to attack an Embassy, by the use the power or strength of energy to try and make people kneel before the influence of the Russian Government, and, most importantly of all, by a continuing desire to keep imposing symbols of domination and of subjugation in areas that have gained their independence from totalitarian regimes. Our task and role today is to listen to our Estonian colleagues and to hear their cries and their pleas for assistance and solidarity. Most importantly of all, however, because we value Russia as a partner for future developments, we should call on Russia to take the proper steps to ensure that the rights of all European Union Member States are respected equally – whether large or small, whether a neighbouring country or not, whether a former dominion or not. Finally, our most ardent call should go out to the citizens of Estonia, to show them that now that they are part of the European Union, they will not be abandoned as they were abandoned previously."@en1

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