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". Mr President, first of all, let me, on behalf of our group, wish Mr Brok all the best and a good recovery. Moving on to the Lulling report, I spoke with Mrs Lulling today. There are a number of problems – let me be frank about it, particularly in Bulgaria – in connection with the changes that the Lulling report would bring in its wake, and, since we would like to have more talks with Mrs Lulling and also with representatives of the other groups on whether we might not find some consensus on this thorny issue, we move that the debate be deferred to the next part-session in Strasbourg. This is not a matter of party politics, as all political groupings in Bulgaria are affected by this. We would be ill-advised to send out a negative signal now if there is a chance of us after all finding a solution through consensus one or two weeks down the line."@en1

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