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"Question 2 has been withdrawn. Question No 3 by Sarah Ludford () In order to increase the effectiveness of the investigation and prosecution by law enforcement authorities of persons who have committed genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, the Council adopted Decision 2002/494/JHAon setting up a network of contact points on genocide and Decision 2003/335/JHAon the investigation and prosecution of serious international crimes. What plans does the Council have to improve the institutional infrastructure of the network, in order to strengthen cooperation among the national authorities and contribute to the creation of a consistent approach by Member States in the fight against impunity for grave international crimes? What is the attitude of the Council regarding a suggestion to establish EUROJUST as the secretariat for the network? Will the Council consider including the network on the agenda of the Article 36 Committee (CATS) meetings so as to ensure a follow up of network conclusions? In light of Article 4 of Council Decision 2003/335/JHA, how will the Council address the current lack of specialised war crimes units within Member States?"@en1
"Subject: The investigation and prosecution of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes"1

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