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". Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, further to what Mr Watson has just said, I want to say, on behalf of my group, and addressing Mr Geremek personally, that we – as you, Mr Geremek, will be aware – share but few of your political views, but there is one point on which you can count on the Socialist Group in this House, on its unconditional solidarity and – I do believe – on that of the House as a whole, and that is when it comes to fighting off a government that, while being within the European Union, seeks to persecute a man who fought as few others have done for Poland’s liberation and for its development as a democracy. It is a disgrace that so great a country should be ruled by such a government. Mr Watson has said what needed to be said, and I expect the President of this House, tomorrow, to tell the Kaczyński Government that we expect the Polish Government to afford Mr Geremek the protection due to him as a Member of this House. We will, in future, judge everything that has to do with Poland by its treatment of him, and I expect Mr Poettering, tomorrow, to make that as plain as I have."@en1

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