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"Faced with the increase in piracy and counterfeiting, it is essential that we work effectively to ensure that intellectual property rights are complied with. Such protection must be accompanied by sanctions, because counterfeiting is unacceptable as much from an economic as from a social or cultural point of view. Thus, by introducing criminal sanctions for all intentional infringements of an intellectual property right committed on a commercial scale, the European Commission proposal is in line with the recommendations voted for in 2005 on the future of the textile and clothing sector after 2005. We can only pay tribute to the desire shown to fight to enforce intellectual property rights, which safeguard the competitiveness of our economies and the growth of industry and which drive the creative world. Nevertheless, by proposing definitions of intellectual property rights, and by introducing a restrictive definition of ‘commercial scale’ and ‘intentional infringement’, the European Parliament’s Committee on Legal Affairs is undermining the principle of subsidiarity in criminal matters and is challenging the on this matter. The act of strengthening intellectual property rights within the European Union must preserve the national courts’ freedom to interpret the two aforementioned elements. We should therefore support the wording proposed by the European Commission."@en1

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