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"Polish MEPs have been raising the issue of an increase in the potato starch production quotas for Poland and Lithuania with the Commissioner ever since Poland joined the European Union. At the Council held on 30 May 2005 the Commission actually stated that it was prepared to consider Poland and Lithuania’s submission in this regard, but only after the two-year period of validity of the present production quotas. This period is almost over. We are now debating the Council regulation on the matter but neither the Council nor the Commission has any intention of abiding by earlier statements. There are at least three reasons why starch production limits should be increased for the new Member States, notably Poland and Lithuania. Firstly, in the framework of the current potato starch production quotas as much as 90% of the quota is allocated to the Fifteen, and less than 10% to the ten new Member States. By contrast, where potato production is concerned, the old Member States account for only 70% of production, and the new Member States for as much as 30%. Secondly, starch production in the new Member States takes place in small processing plants, which play an important role in the local economy and the development of rural areas. Increasing production quotas would therefore make a significant contribution to reducing unemployment in those areas. Thirdly, there have been major cutbacks in agricultural production in the new Member States, affecting both the plant and animal sectors. These cutbacks impact negatively on the development of rural areas."@en1

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