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"Mr President, today’s debate on the potato starch production quota system is a splendid example of the truth of the saying according to which the rich never understand the poor. It is hard to understand why when production quotas remain unused in certain Member States they may not be reallocated to others states whose quota allocation is too small. It is even harder to explain this to farmers. Why should the misgivings of Union bureaucrats take precedence over the logic, needs, and solidarity of the Member States of the European Union? If farmers in Denmark, France, Italy or Germany were to be badly treated, their Polish colleagues would stand shoulder to shoulder with them. The quota increase proposed by the rapporteur will not harm anyone and will not result in budgetary changes either. Failure to implement it will make it abundantly clear, however, that the Union is governed by the principle according to which ‘what is yours is mine and what is mine is untouchable’. Is this really what we all want?"@en1

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