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"A situation has developed that I would call paradoxical. Such things should not occur among partners. Because of low starch quotas, factories in Lithuania are standing idle, and people are out of work. The quota allotted to Lithuania is ten times smaller than what is needed in the country. Therefore, starch has to be imported, while Lithuania's production lines stand idle. At the same time, there are countries where the starch quotas are excessive, and are not being used. Should this be tolerated in a common domestic market? In relation to the time period under discussion, the quota of 1200 t of starch production allotted to Lithuania means that factories are only working at 9% of their production capacity. Therefore, EU institutions were asked to increase the production quota, which would have created conditions for economically worthwhile operation of the factories and a continuation of the potato-growing tradition in Lithuania. A negative reply was received. An increase in the quotas for Lithuania and Poland would in no way harm other Member States, and it would be very important for Lithuania's economy. It would also be a display of solidarity and shared interests."@en1

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