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"Mr President, the potato starch issue is being debated by Parliament once again, and it will go on appearing on our agenda until fair and responsible decisions are taken. Potato starch will remain a problem as long as the largest producer of potatoes in the European Union, namely Poland, continues to suffer as a result of starch production quotas and as long as the Commission continues to disregard Parliament. I would remind the House that two years ago the European Parliament almost unanimously supported the idea of reallocating quotas unused by the old Member States to the new Member States. The Commission has failed to act on that recommendation. Now it is saying no again. This comes as no surprise to Polish Members of the House. Commissioner Fisher Boel always says no when Poland is involved. Her aversion to Poland and Polish farmers is pretty well common knowledge. She does not show any mercy to little Lithuania either. The refusal to grant Lithuania an additional allocation of barely 3.5 thousand tonnes of starch goes to show how the strong can get everything they want in this Union of ours whilst the weak are reduced to begging. Nonetheless, there is a glimmer of hope. Mr Graefe zu Baringdorf’s words today testify to the fact that some Members of this House are capable of thinking in terms of society as a whole and of understanding the underdog. I am very grateful indeed to Mr Graefe zu Baringdorf for that."@en1

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