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"Mr President, I, too, should like to compliment the rapporteur, and, at the same time, congratulate my new Dutch fellow Member, Mrs de Lange, on her maiden speech. I did not know that the topic of potatoes was so pertinent. I would recommend a period of four years to the Commission. Why four? I think that everyone wants some level of certainty, including farmers. Four years is also a good block of time for assessing the sugar reforms, which at the moment, is anything but clear; there is an unmistakable connection between isoglucose and potato starch. I think we will not know where we stand until four years from now, and this is why I am very much in favour of these four years. While a few speakers before me said that they regarded Mr Graefe zu Baringdorf’s amendment as ideal, I am not so sure about that. How can you predict this year’s harvest on the basis of last year’s? Quotas cannot be transferred from one year to the next. If this is done anyway, even if the quota is too low one year and too high the next, it is of limited use, because a farmer can never predict production. In this light, I do not know if the amendment is technically viable."@en1

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