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". Mr President, I can be fairly brief. It was an interesting discussion on a very technical issue, and the rapporteur managed to mention a few other issues as well. Regarding this whole discussion on Parliament's codecision on agricultural issues, we all know that this was a part of the Treaty rejected by two Member States. The rapporteur is aware that I have always been in favour of making the agricultural sector subject to codecision. It is unfair to say that the Commission is not listening to Parliament. I should like to use the sugar reform as an example. We had very good and very close cooperation on that, and, as far as I can remember, as I am sure the rapporteur remembers, the restructuring fund was Parliament’s idea and it was included in the final reform. Therefore, even if we are not in codecision we are in cooperation, which, at this stage, seems to be a very good solution. I shall not go into detail about the sugar reform. We know that there have been certain deficiencies. Next month I shall present to the Council a report that I am sure will remedy the problems we have seen up to now, so that we can achieve our aim of reducing internal sugar production by between 5 and 6 million tonnes a year before the end of the restructuring period."@en1

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