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"Mr President, I would like to thank those Members who participated in the detailed processing of this regulation. It is extremely important that issues as sensitive and complex as this are dealt with under the codecision procedure. It reassures our citizens, whose national parliaments cannot vary a regulation, to see their MEPs engaged in preparing balanced and effective legislation which seeks to enhance their lives. The therapies which this regulation seeks to deal with have great potential for treating cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Regrettably, and not unexpectedly, some reactionary elements are falsely claiming that this proposal overrides Member States’ rights on ethical issues. They want to exclude products derived from embryonic stem cells from the scope of this regulation. The effect of doing so would be to leave such products unregulated in many parts of Europe as regards their safety, quality and efficacy. Contrary to these wild claims, the regulation does not circumscribe a Member State’s right to refuse to countenance embryo, stem-cell-based therapies. Indeed I would deplore such a ban by any Member State. This regulation is about saving life and about enhancing the quality of life, not its destruction – as is being claimed by some in this House tonight. We owe it to tens of thousands of patients and their families to do everything we can to encourage and make available the most advanced treatments for some of the most intractable illnesses facing our societies today. We also need to guarantee insofar as we can that they are safe and of the highest quality and that they actually work. This is what this regulation seeks to do. I fully support the PSE Group’s position and call on all Members – and indeed I would particularly call on all my Irish colleagues – to support this regulation."@en1

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