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". Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I too should like to offer Mr Gauzès my special thanks not just for the excellent work he has done, but also for the dialogue he pursued, his style and his ability to come to arrangements with the political groups and with the Commission and the Council. I should also like to congratulate Commissioner McCreevy. Parliament as a whole has played a decisive role in the payment services directive and has once again confirmed that it is the most dynamic of our institutions at this moment in time. It is thanks to Parliament and our work that an agreement has been reached and that the Council has adopted as the basis for its own work the report that was approved almost unanimously in the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs. It is because of the part we played that insurmountable obstacles have been tackled, and it is because of our work – and here I should also like to mention the specific part played by the delegation from the Socialist Group in the European Parliament, namely Mrs van den Burg, Mrs De Vits, Mrs Berès and myself – that solutions have been found to certain issues, such as the granting of credit, which is now rightly grounded in the Consumer Credit Directive. The agreement reached at the March ECOFIN Council, thanks to the German Presidency’s tenacity and the earlier work done by the Finnish Presidency, is in my view an excellent outcome and I believe we ought to support that position. That is why I can announce that the Socialist Group will vote in favour, so as to avoid any delay. We cannot afford any further delays, which would jeopardise consumers – as Mrs De Vits has pointed out – as well as businesses and the banking industry. As regards the banks, the enquiry that the Commission is conducting is important in that it will show up any possible discrepancies; even though we must be strict in our judgments, however, I also think it is right to point out the times when the banks make positive efforts. In fact, the banks are making almost as much effort to comply with this directive as they did when the euro was introduced. A delay would therefore be contrary to their interests, and in our vote tomorrow we must make absolutely sure that any such delay is avoided."@en1

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