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". Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, we will, tomorrow, be voting on something I regard as a crucial issue affecting people, businesses and banks alike. I am pleased that this House has had major input in the decision-making process, and would like to thank all Members of the House for this, not least Mr Gauzès who, being an authority in this area, has handled this issue with much objectivity, and would also like to thank all shadow rapporteurs. As draftsman of the opinion of the Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection, it is hugely important to my mind that we, faced with 27 different payment systems and consequently 27 different sets of rules, managed to secure an extremely high level of consumer protection. This text strikes me as more than satisfactory, particularly since the banks’ duty of information and their liability in the event of incorrect transactions, loss or fraud have now been omitted. The debate was at its most heated when payment institutions were discussed, and in the final analysis, that is also where, as I see it, the compromise is justifiable, even though our group would have preferred to see it tightened up in places. It is not a disgrace to be a bank. This directive is about payments, not in the first instance about credits, and if you wish to grant credit, you need to comply with the conditions and control of the banks. I should like to express some concern nevertheless. The Single European Payments Area project should not be at the expense of the man in the street. I am pleased to note, Commissioner, that the Commission has launched an enquiry into the rates applicable to card use, and I would urge it to take regulatory action if it turns out that banks have abused their position of power in this respect. The directive has come at the right time, since the project is sound, I think this is now also the right time for it to be correctly implemented."@en1

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