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"Mr President, there is an ongoing debate on health services in Parliament, notably in the Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection. These services were excluded from the scope of the Services Directive because of their specific nature. A debate is to be held at the committee’s sitting this evening on whether it is appropriate to support a proposal to draw up a draft European Commission directive on the matter. I am totally opposed to such a move for many reasons. One of these is that health services are part of the responsibility of individual Member States and the European Union has no mandate to regulate them. There is therefore no basis in the Treaty on which to found the call for a draft directive. Instead of proposing more legislative acts we should focus on solutions that already exist in the market. I could mention improving cooperation and the transfer of information between countries, facilitating patient mobility, and as a last resort, the implementation of infringement procedures. I believe this is a much better and above all a more effective solution than proposing more directives."@en1

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