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"What I am holding in my hand is not a bottle of Alsatian wine, but a total disregard for European decision-makers, the deception of European consumers, the parody of inequality among Member States and the bankruptcy of the power of enforcement. Here, at the seat of European lawmaking, the European Parliament, in the city in which the European Court of Justice issued its ruling on this matter, one can to this day purchase fake Tokaj wine. 13 years’ temporary exemption – Mr President – this is how long we have waited for those who produce products bearing names similar to the world’s best dessert wine, the Hungarian Tokaj, to remove their products from the market. As of 31 March 2007, this wine may no longer be marketed under this label. It would seem, however, that there are some to whom the EU legislation does not apply. What is the basis on which the Union operates? On the basis of the age-old cynicism of ‘Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi’, or on equality before the law? I hope that Strasbourg will set an example in this outrageous affair, and impose exemplary monetary fines on those who violate the law. Thank you."@en1

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