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"Mr President, last week’s barbaric killing of three Christian workers in Turkey is part of a chain of recent acts of brutality against the Christian minority in that country. Such acts are connected by a clear common political cause: to stop Turkey’s path towards Europe. The orchestrators of these provocative actions are well known both in Turkey and abroad. They are part of the deep state that Prime Minister Erdogan has been bravely fighting for many years now. These dark forces are no less than the Turkish army chiefs, for whom accession to the EU is anathema, as it means the termination of the army’s stranglehold on Turkey’s political life. Turkey is at a delicate turning point in its history and this House must send a strong message to the army generals in Turkey that neither we nor the Turkish people are fooled by their provocative acts. We stand firmly behind the democratic traditions of Turkey and support the Turkish people in their fight for a more democratic, peaceful and prosperous European future."@en1

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