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"Mr President, last week in the Bay of Cádiz, in Spain, there was a general strike supported by all of the citizens of the Bay to demonstrate against the closure announced by the Delphi factory, which is intended to lay off 1 600 workers. The Delphi company is part of General Motors, it has received State subsidies and it had therefore committed itself to maintaining production until 2010. At the same time — also last week — General Motors announced the disappearance of 1 400 jobs at its factory in Amberes, in Belgium. Quite symbolic. It seems as if the European Union, the European institutions, do not have the political capacity to regulate the automobile sector market and to opt clearly for a social model that prevents multinationals from indulging in piracy and trading with European workers. They are public companies that receive public subsidies, and yet they relocate businesses, causing irreversible harm to workers. We therefore believe that this Parliament, together with the European Commission and the respective governments, should put an end to this situation and defend the jobs of our workers."@en1

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