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"It is fifty years since the martyrdom of Count János Esterházy, the leader of Hungarians in Slovakia and their Member of Parliament between the two world wars and during World War II. He was the only one in the parliament of the so-called Slovak State who in 1942 did not vote in favour of the law decreeing the deportation of the Jews, and he saved many Czechs, Slovaks and Jews. In 1945 the Soviets took Esterházy away and sentenced him to 10 years in a labour camp. In 1947, he was condemned to death in absentia by the Slovak People’s Court. In 1949, Esterházy, suffering from serious lung disease, was transported to Czechoslovakia, where he was sentenced first to life and then to 25 years in prison. He died in 1957 in the Mirov prison in Moravia. János Esterházy was innocent. The Russians have rehabilitated him, but the Slovak authorities have not yet been able to do so. He died a martyr’s death, only because he fought for European Christian values, for human and minority rights, and for true tolerance among peoples. We owe great reverence to János Esterházy’s memory."@en1

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