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"Mr President, our Parliament must take action to demand and obtain the resignation of Paul Wolfowitz from his post as President of the World Bank. Everyone in this House will remember the circumstances in which Mr Wolfowitz, in the wake of some US internal political manoeuvring, was appointed as the head of that institution, one of the most important institutions of our international financial system. Today, for reasons of method, we will be unable, under Rule 115, to argue that keeping Paul Wolfowitz as the head of the World Bank constitutes a violation of the rule of law within that institution. However, I call on all of the political groups to use the resolution that we shall adopt on transatlantic relations to demonstrate our determination to obtain this resignation and if, sadly, it has still not materialised by the time of our mini-session in Brussels, to have the Commission make a statement before our Parliament, so that we can stress that the World Bank must have at its helm someone who does not undermine the credibility of an institution that must be in a fit state to operate, at a time when the world order urgently needs it."@en1

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