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". At the March summit of the EU Member States there was unanimous commitment to a common energy policy. This at last creates the opportunity for Europe significantly to decrease its dependency, for sources of raw materials, on countries that are in a more fortunate situation. One of the basic pillars of the evolving Community energy policy can be the construction of the Nabucco gas pipeline, a venture to which, in addition to the encouraging decision by the Member States, the commitment of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has also given new impetus. In light of the above, it gives particular cause for concern to hear Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány state that Nabucco is a dream and it is not dreams that we need. These sorts of statements serve the interests of those who seek, for considerations of power that go beyond economic interests, to cause division within the European Union in the area of cooperation on energy policy. A common energy policy must be based on joint action and must avoid special deals, for the question of a secure energy supply for Europe cannot be sacrificed to short-term goals. On the energy question, only a Union that speaks with one voice and in solidarity is able to defend its own interests."@en1

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