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"I can tell you now, Mr Horáček, something I shall be bringing to the Bureau’s attention straightaway, but I shall also tell you and the House, namely that, last weekend, a member of my staff visited Moscow, albeit for other reasons – issues that have to do with Andrei Sakharov. When I learned of the demonstrations in Moscow and St Petersburg, I asked this member of my staff to establish contact with Gary Kasparov, and they did have a conversation. I asked the member of my staff to tell Mr Kasparov that, if he were to come to Strasbourg or Brussels, he would be very welcome to visit this House, and that we would give him an appropriate opportunity to tell us about what is going on. It is very likely that he will be coming to Strasbourg in May, and that will provide an opportunity for talks with him. I would also inform you that we are taking action along the lines you have outlined."@en1

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