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"Mr President, on 13 April, Members of this House due to speak at a multinational conference in Singapore were refused permission to address the conference by the Singapore Government. Indeed, they were told that if they spoke, they would be immediately arrested. This conference was not specifically about Singapore. It was a conference of Liberal and Democrat parliamentarians from Asia and Europe on the development of democracy on both continents. The cooperation between European and Asian members of parliament, which has led to the staging of many such conferences in many different Asian and European countries – at which nobody has been prevented from speaking – has grown out of the work of the Asia-Europe Foundation. Such cooperation is a central part of the Union’s strategy in Asia. Coincidentally, the ban was imposed on the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Asia-Europe Foundation. I ask you to write to the Commission President and the Secretary-General of the Council requesting that they should protest to the Singapore Government in the strongest terms and urging them to reflect on whether Singapore is an appropriate country to host the Asia-Europe Foundation if it acts in this way."@en1

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