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"I too would like to thank the rapporteur, above all, for the spirit of cooperation he has shown in the drawing up of this report, a report on the future of professional football, which is not just important for football, since it deals with problems that have recently been increasing throughout the world of sport: violence at sports grounds, racist acts, doping, lack of financial transparency, etc. I would like to focus on two issues: firstly, the increasing economic importance of football, which has led to an increase in the value of television rights. In my view, it is important that the report has taken up the concern about the system of income resulting from sales of those rights, which can cause a competitive imbalance amongst the different clubs, although I regret – and this is something that I believe is missing from the report – that account has not been taken of the fact that this income also depends on the club’s impact on the worldwide audience, not just the national broadcasting market, nor that there is some redistribution of resources resulting from the sale of the broadcasting rights of national leagues amongst clubs. Furthermore, I am pleased that the report takes account of the European Union’s different national football associations, regardless of whether they are part of government sports structures or federations recognised by the Member States. Finally, I hope that the Commission will take account of these suggestions from the European Parliament when drawing up its White Paper on sport."@en1

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