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"Mr President, the European Parliament’s expenditure has grown very rapidly. This growth can be explained by the enlargement of the Union, and the ensuing need for interpretation and translation services as well as space. It has been estimated that 60% of costs are due to the demand for multilingualism and a policy of having several places of business. So far all the expenditure has been financed out of the 20% of the Union’s administrative costs whose use was agreed on unofficially with the other budgetary authority, the Council. Within the context of Parliament’s expenditure 2008 is a sort of gap year. Funding for new premises is in order, and there is no new round of enlargement in sight. Consequently, the rapporteur’s view that Parliament should not invent new, artificial expenditure for itself and should not necessarily aim at the 20% level is right. If we do that, there is a danger that Parliament’s big groups will fund their own political objectives out of common administrative expenditure, and that will be a financial burden for Parliament after 2008."@en1

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