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"Mr President, I would thank Mr Itälä for his constructive work on the report on Parliament’s 2008 budget. He proposes that next year’s expenditure remain in principle at the 2007 level, and that is something that we in the Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe can happily endorse in principle. Following enlargement, 2008 is, of course, a year of consolidation, and very good cases will have to be made out for meeting additional needs if meeting them would have budgetary consequences. At the same time, we would concur with the observation that 2008 will probably be the last year in which we can use the surplus of up to 20% in the EU’s administrative expenditure for the purchase of buildings. Last but not least, I want to emphasise what Mr Maňka also said, namely that now we are obtaining a Members’ Statute, this needs to be backed up by a Statute of Members’ assistants here in Parliament. On this point, we do not have the Council’s support, and, without that support, we cannot put matters in order. Let us get something done about that."@en1

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