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"As we may note from Mr Lamassoure’s report as well as from the responses to it, the European Parliament stands before a historic opportunity, since thanks to the interinstitutional agreement, it can play a decisive role in the budget reform process not only in determining expenditures but at last in creating its own resources. The often petty, undignified arguments over the elaboration of the 2007-2013 financial period have confirmed that we need income sources that are transparent and that can be calculated for the long-term, so that we might be able to bring balanced decisions. The European Parliament has used this opportunity in an exemplary fashion. We did not rely only on our own strengths, but involved the national parliaments in the task, and organised many joint meetings and consultations. At first, based on their domestic political problems, the national parliaments were interested mainly in shorter term solutions, but they have now come to recognise that long-term thinking is required, and that we need to cooperate in order to find a solution that points to the future and serves the future of all of Europe."@en1

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