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"Mr President, the funding of the EU budget has been chaotic. It is only a handful of experts who understand how the system works. One thing we do know, however, is that it is short-sighted and unfair. There are therefore strong reasons for reforming it in the direction of fairness, transparency and far-sightedness. Mr Lamassoure has produced an important report, with which we Swedish Social Democrats substantially agree. In particular, we wish, just like Mr Lamassoure, to find a simple, straightforward and fairer form of funding, such as a GNI-based system without rebates. We do not, however, wish to give the EU the right of taxation or now to compromise the sovereignty of the Member States on tax matters. For me, what specifically characterises the EU is its being able to combine fundamental national sovereignty with the ability to be able in certain areas to combine forces in order to solve cross-border social problems. To create a genuine EU tax would be to anticipate events. If we are ever to go down that route, conviction as to the advantage of doing so must come from below, that is to say from the citizens and the Member States. We are not at present in that position. I am pleased that we in the Socialist Group in the European Parliament have made good progress towards a more common view closely approximating to Mr Lamassoure’s approach. We are thus in broad agreement in Parliament, and that may be very important in terms of the future."@en1

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