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"( ) There is no such thing as the ‘own’ and ‘non-own’ resources of the European Union. There is the money of Europe’s taxpayers and the more or less sophisticated schemes of allocating that money to the European Union’s budget, something in which EU citizens take no interest at all. What citizens are keen about is the way in which such resources are used. Doubts about how efficiently this is done are expressed not only by them but also by us, sitting on these benches. Unless we can first resolve the problem of how to use the budgetary resources of the European Union efficiently and credibly, there is no form of providing resources to cover expenses that will be sufficiently transparent in the eyes of Europe’s taxpayers. The conventional accounting formula of ‘accounts payable – amounts paid’ will then be replaced by ‘accounts payable – amounts reluctantly paid’, something we are witnessing now. The debate about the future of our ‘own’ resources is undoubtedly to be welcomed; however, the problem is closely linked to the reform of EU expenditures."@en1

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