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"Madam President, a good subtitle for this report would be ‘the thin end of the wedge’. I am always suspicious of EU reports which state that they respect principles, in this case full respect for the fiscal sovereignty of the Member States. This is usually a prelude to exactly the opposite happening. This report, despite stating the aforementioned key principle, promptly goes on to equivocate by stating that Member States might nevertheless authorise the Union, for a limited period, revocable at any time, to benefit directly from a share of a tax. In other words, the European Commission is attempting to establish the principle of the EU taking taxation directly from taxpayers in the Member States. This is an enormously dangerous precedent to set and is made all the more worse by yesterday’s revelations about the Commission being raided by the police, with simultaneous raids in various countries. I have been taken to task before for using the word ‘fraud’ in this Chamber. However, it is clear that the police think the word is justified. This report also calls for the gradual abolition of the British rebate, something which I am completely opposed to and will fight to the end to prevent. GBP 40 million a day is enough. Britain cannot be expected to pay any more into the EU’s leaking financial system."@en1

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