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"Madam President, the issue of introducing an EU tax has been raised because there are clearly those who believe that the EU has far too little money. There is a desire to solve this state of affairs by allowing the EU to take a tax directly from people’s pockets. Paragraph 6 of the report criticises the requirement that all Member States must be agreed where such issues are concerned. It must clearly be made possible to ride rough shod over countries that show reluctance. This is a regrettable position to adopt, especially from a democratic point of view. The June List strongly objects to the EU taking a share of national taxes. The report has been written with a view to taking a further step towards the creation of an EU state with the right of taxation, a common foreign minister, common armed forces and a common currency. This is an awful thought. We have tabled an amendment in which we emphasise the Member States’ inviolable right of self-determination within the tax sphere. We believe that all the Member States would need to be in agreement before any form of EU taxation were introduced. This is in line with the views of the people in numerous Member States. We Members of the European Parliament should follow the wishes of our electorate – that is to say respond to the views of our citizens – and act in accordance with these. I thus hope, ladies and gentlemen, that we shall clearly and unambiguously reject this reprehensible report in tomorrow’s vote."@en1

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