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". The current system is unfair and incomprehensible to the citizens. This was the conclusion reached, too, by the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs. A review is needed and I therefore welcome this own-initiative report and commend the rapporteur on his outstanding report. Europe must be given adequate resources to implement its strategic objectives and in particular the Lisbon Strategy and social and territorial cohesion. The time has come to abandon the [fair return] strategy, which destroys the essence of the common budget and disregards the gains of the internal market by not acknowledging them in the budget. It is also clear that the debate on revenue requires a reappraisal of expenditure priorities. It is too early to debate specific new sources of revenue and timeframes. Guarantees must be given, however, that they will be progressive and transparent, and will not increase the tax burden on the citizens. Parliament has demonstrated today that it wants to – and is able to – play a key role in this process. This must be continued for the benefit of Europe and its citizens."@en1

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