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"Mr President, I want to bring to your attention recent events in Pakistan surrounding the suspension of the Supreme Court Chief Justice Mohammed Chaudhry, which led to widespread unrest in that country. Last December, as chair of the SAARC Delegation, I raised the issue of the importance of the freedom of the judiciary and media at the highest levels on a visit to Pakistan. It is disappointing, therefore, that we hear reports of a lack of both. However, I am grateful to the Pakistani Ambassador to the EU for providing me with his Government’s statements of its commitment to press freedom, and I particularly welcome its assurances on upholding the independence of the judiciary. However, I would strongly urge the President of Parliament, in the interests of transparency, to write to request a copy of the reference sent to the Supreme Judicial Council, as well as a full explanation of the reasons for the Supreme Judicial Council’s decision to suspend Justice Chaudhry. Finally, could the President also strongly urge the Government of Pakistan, however justified the suspension of the Chief Justice is, to hold open hearings so that the international community can judge the fairness of the trial taking place."@en1

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