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"Mr President, I am pleased that at last I have been given the floor at my third attempt, but I can certainly see that if even group chairmen are using this opportunity to speak then there are fewer chances for a mere backbencher like myself. I wish to criticise in the strongest possible terms the intention of the Polish Government to expel sick people – even citizens of the European Union – from their country. I consider this to be a massive attack on the basic freedoms of the European Union, such as the freedom of establishment and the free movement of people. I would call on the European Commission immediately to take the necessary steps so as to put an end to this constant provocation by the two brothers at the head of the government. I would also be interested to know why the Commission takes immediate action in so many areas, such as for example on the issue of the German students in Austria, and yet does absolutely nothing about huge problems like this one. I consider this to be a scandal."@en1

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