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"Mr President, the Berlin Declaration expresses the values that all Europeans have in common, including human rights and democracy. There is no doubt that this is a virtuous declaration, which succinctly puts forward the common values of the Member States and citizens of the European Union. It also points out the principles of equality and solidarity on which European integration is based, and the values which the European Union has always held in high regard: diversity and sovereignty. For the citizens of Europe, the Declaration shows that the Union is the only effective response to the challenges of globalisation and competition. However, the document says nothing substantial on the future enlargement of Europe, or anything more specific about a future common foreign and security policy. In my opinion, the declaration provides a good start to future work on the new framework of the European Union. It is, however, more of a formal statement than an inspiring opening ceremony. If the Berlin Declaration is to mark a new beginning there has to be good will on the part of the Member States. The future of Europe is in our hands. That is something we should remember."@en1

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